May 19, 2020

COVID-19 Update

CoDA Canada Steering Committee COVID-19 Update

Update January 2022

As the global situation regarding COVID-19 continues to evolve, CoDA Canada wishes to serve our CoDA groups across the country as they navigate through this unprecedented public health emergency. Many CoDA groups decided to host their meetings on Zoom during the lockdowns across the country. Now that many provinces and territories are opening up, some CoDA groups are now looking to meet back in person, create hybrid meetings or continue on Zoom. As such, CoDA Canada has a few suggestions to help groups as they transition to their decided formats.

It is important to note that CoDA Canada is not an authority over our groups in that it does not create or impose rules or directives. As we follow the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions, CoDA Canada recognizes each group is autonomous and therefore makes its own decisions through an informed group conscience. We are mindful, as recovering codependents, of our responsibility to one another and our need to be accountable to our community. While CoDA Canada has no informed guidance to offer on health matters, we can offer some guidance on how groups may wish to address challenges.

In making informed decisions, CoDA Canada does suggest that each group rely on its local, regional, and provincial health authorities for the most current COVID-19 precautions. Also, groups may need to consider their individual venues for in-person meetings which may have their own policies and expectations with respect to safety measures. As such, different meetings may have different requirements. Decisions around any additional safety measures and how to apply them at the group level must be a group conscience decision.

As CoDA Canada is composed of members from across the country, we are in the unique position to be able to share individual group experiences as they have navigated the pandemic and the challenges it has presented. Some challenges our groups have faced and are still facing are as followers:

  • Masking
  • Social distancing
  • Contact tracing requirements and anonymity
  • Cleaning/sanitizing requirements
  • Proof of vaccinations
  • Capacity restrictions
  • Screening requirements; e.g. questionnaires, temperature checks

For example, if a venue requires a group to conduct contact tracing, this may have an impact on anonymity. As such, each group, through their group conscience, will make their own decisions on these matters. As well, individual members are encouraged to make their own choice based on their own recovery needs.

In pursuing our recovery, CoDA Canada would like to encourage each member and group to use CoDA’s Twelve Traditions as a guide in their decision-making process. For instance:

  • Tradition One reminds us that “our common welfare should come first” in these conversations.
  • Tradition Two says “there is but one ultimate authority: a loving Higher Power” to guide the group’s decisions.
  • Tradition Four invites groups to be flexible in considering health authorities and venues’ rules.
  • Tradition Five reminds us that “our primary purpose” is to consider how we can “carry the message” to the person who still suffers as a codependent.

CoDA Canada hopes these suggestions will assist individual groups in making decisions around these challenges.

Please inform CoDA Canada of any changes to your meeting format to ensure the most current meeting information is available on the CoDA Canada website (i.e. holding an in-person meeting, a hybrid meeting, staying on Zoom, or a combination of any of these formats).

Update December 2020


Update March 2020


Zoom is now introducing some new features to prevent interference known as “Zoom bombing”.  Starting April 5, 2020, Zoom will require passwords to enter meetings via Meeting ID.  The video app will also change virtual waiting rooms to be on by default which means that hosts will need to manually admit attendees.

In response to concerns being raised at various meetings, service groups, and individuals, CCSC (CoDA Canada Steering Committee) would like to offer what guidance we are able.  As we are not Health professionals, we can only give our own “experience, strength and hope”.  At the group level having a conversation and group conscience would be a good beginning.  Contacting local health authorities, following advice and restrictions given by the local government and/or facilities where you are renting would also be appropriate.

As the possibility arises of needing an alternate meeting location, discuss alternate ways such as phone meetings, Skype, or Zoom.

Having a contact list would be valuable to let members know of any changes and concerns.

If your meeting temporarily moves or goes on hiatus, please add that information to your group’s listing HERE.

At this time, it would be mindful to practice good boundaries.  Many groups are finding it advisable to suspend hand-holding or hugging at meetings, for the time being.  We all have the right to protect ourselves.

For more information: Public Health Services

For a current list of our Online Meetings please click HERE.


If your meeting is temporarily closed, please consider setting up an Alternative Meeting for your group.  Here are a few suggestions (any fees incurred could be paid from your 7th Tradition):

Free Conference:
Free Conference Call:
Google Hangouts:
The Recovery Village:
Uber Conference: