May 1, 2021

CoDA Canada Steering Committee (CCSC)

The CCSC is the National Voting Entity (VE) at the Annual CoDA World Service Conference (CSC).

We are a group of CoDA members who meet monthly via Zoom to share information between groups across the country and coordinate outreach and publishing projects.  Every group across Canada is entitled to have a representative at those meetings.

If you are a Group Service Representative (GSR) or a Representative of your group elected by group conscience and would like to attend these meetings, please contact our Chairperson at to receive an invitation and for further information.

The CoDA Canada Steering Committee (CCSC) serves all registered groups affiliated with Co-Dependents Anonymous across Canada. CoDA’s spiritual principles: the Twelve Steps, the Twelve Traditions, and the Twelve Service Concepts guide us in our primary purpose to carry the message to other codependents who still suffer. The CCSC, as the Voting Entity, is the bridge between our Fellowship and the World CoDA Service Conference (CSC).

Approved July 18, 2020

Paula G

Krysta Z

Janaya K

Tricia B

Co-Dependents Recovery Society (CDRS) Liaison
Gerry B

French Translation Liaison
Dominique P

Tina Z

Web Developer
Gerry B

Outreach Chair
Sharon B

Sponsorship Registrar 
Angela F

Delegates (2023)
Janaya K
Jocelyn K
Kelly C (alternate)

Service Structure Committee
Sharon B / Tina Z

Sponsorship Registrar
Chair: Angela F

Ad Hoc Communications Committee
Chair: Krysta Z

Ad Hoc Mediation Committee
Chair: Gerry B

Ad Hoc Outreach Committee
Chair: Sharon B