February 8, 2023

Service Opportunities

Tradition 12:  Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to other codependents and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Carrying the message to the codependent who still suffers is the basic purpose of our Fellowship and therefore the most fundamental form of service.  (From Tools of Recovery, page 5)

Current Service Opportunities
Updated: March 2, 2023

1) Phone Outreach Representative
CoDA Canada is looking for a member to receive phone calls and guide the caller to CoDA Canada resources. The caller may be a newcomer, professional, or fellowship member. A Magic Jack phone adapter will be provided so that the representative’s personal phone number is kept anonymous. This is a great opportunity to practice Step 12 and “carry the message to other codependents”. For further information, please contact the CoDA Canada Outreach Chair, Sharon B, at outreach@codacanada.ca

2) Sponsors and Phone Buddies for the Sponsorship Registry
There is a critical need within our program for sponsors to help guide members through the Twelve Step recovery process and provide support for individual healing and growth. The CoDA Canada Steering Committee (CCSC) wishes to provide an opportunity for all CoDA members to register as a Sponsor, Co-sponsor, or a Sponsee. We ask that all CoDA groups continually announce this to all members during meetings. To access the Registry on the website, use the Sponsorship tab at the top of the home page, open the registry, and complete the necessary section. For further information, please contact the CoDA Canada Sponsorship Registrar, Angela F, at sponsorshipregistry@codacanada.ca

Thank you for your service to our Fellowship!