April 4, 2017


Event Information:

  • Wed

    Step Study Starting January 5, 2022

    6:30 pm EASTERNOnline

    Join us to work the CoDA Program together in 2022! 

    START DATE:  January 5, 2022
    WHEN:  Every Wednesday Evening
    TIME:  6:30 pm EASTERN (approx. 1-hour duration)
    MEETING LINK (JITSI PLATFORM):  https://meet.jit.si/CodaStepGroupInnerHealing
    TIME TO CLOSE THE MEETING:  6:35 pm EASTERN (to avoid disturbing the group)
    PARTICIPATION:  After Step 4 is completed the Step Study will be closed to new participants 
    SHARING:  3 minutes per person
    WEEKS:  Approx. 30 (schedule to be provided for each week)
    PROCESS:  Read pages together and then do the workbook together
    HOMEWORK:  We will have homework ONLY for our steps 4&5 as well as our amends list
    TO READ:  Each meeting the 12 Steps & 12 Traditions will be read
    TIMEKEEPER:  A volunteer timekeeper is needed for each meeting
    CONTACTS:  Marcy or Sona [email protected]


    1)  CoDA Blue Book  
    CoDA Blue Book Soft Cover  
    *OR*  CoDA Blue Book Electronic Version

    2)  CoDA 12 & 12 Workbook 
    CoDA 12 & 12 Workbook Soft Cover  *OR*  CoDA 12 & 12 Workbook Electronic Version

    NOTE:  Soft Cover books could take up to 14 days to receive.  Electronic books are received the same day. 

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