6:00 PM Ottawa Women's CoDA Group - caon374 Women St. Paul's Presbyterian Church 971 Woodroffe Ave Ottawa Closed, Step Meeting, Women
7:00 PM Hope, Faith & Freedom CoDA Group - caon366 Collier Street United Church 112 Collier St Barrie Book Study, Open, Step Meeting, Wheelchair Accessible
7:00 PM Orleans CoDA Group - caon360 Pierre Rocque Community Centre 1257 Joseph Drouin Ave Ottawa Fragrance Free, Open, Topic Discussion, Wheelchair Accessible
8:00 PM Pathway to Freedom CoDA Group - caon359 New Song Church 999 Drouillard Rd Windsor Book Study, Closed, Step Meeting
8:00 PM Step 'N Go CoDA Group - caon035 Unitarian Congregation of South Peel 84 S Service Rd Mississauga Open