1-604-239-1042 (10 am-9 pm EASTERN) English/Français
November 28, 2020

Saturday – London, ON

CoDA Precious and Free Group Meeting – CLOSED, IDENTIFYING AS CO-DEPENDENT

This meeting is devoted to discussing one Step or Tradition in the Steps/Traditions Workbook each week followed by a discussion on the corresponding reading in the Blue Book as time permits. 

When:  Every Saturday morning 
Time:  6:30 am EASTERN
Type:  Zoom meeting * NO VIDEO *

Please send an email to codaphonemeeting@gmail.com to receive a link to the meeting.

* Please be signed in to Zoom or call in 5-10 minutes before the meeting start time *

– You can participate on your computer, or phone in using the numbers listed.
– Using a headset with a microphone is recommended to cut down on background noise but not required.
– To strengthen your connection, turn off all other internet applications on whatever device you are using when participating.
* IMPORTANT * Please ensure to mute your microphone or phone when not speaking to cut down on background noise