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May 23, 2020

CoDA Literature Description

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  1. CoDA Book – Simply titled the CoDA Book, it contains in-depth readings on recovery, our Fellowship, common questions, and personal stories from codependents. Sometimes erroneously referred to as the CoDA Blue Book.
  2. CoDA Blue Book – Abridged Version – In-depth readings on recovery, our Fellowship, common questions, but without the personal stories. This edition is the same as the pocket edition but with larger print.
  3. CoDA Blue Book – Pocket Edition – In-depth readings on recovery, our Fellowship, common questions, but without the personal stories. This edition was printed in Canada.
  4. In This Moment Daily Meditation Book – Has a meditation for each day of the year, written by codependents for codependents. This book is the “printed in Canada” version. There are 2 meditations per page.
  5. The Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Workbook – Takes the reader through the Steps and Traditions with a brief explanation followed by a series of questions. For individual or group study.


  1. Affirmations & Prayers – Both the Prayers and Affirmation booklet bundled together. Perfect for a newcomer or birthday gift.
  2. Being of Service in CoDA – Practical examples of healthy service work essential to the continuation of any meeting and to CoDA as a whole. How to say “yes” to service work.
  3. Building CoDA Community: Healthy Meetings Matter – An overview of what a healthy meeting might look like.
  4. Common Threads of Codependency – Codependents talk about codependency, recovery, relapse and authenticity.
  5. Experiences with Crosstalk – Experience, strength and hope on what crosstalk is and how some members deal with it.
  6. Making Choices – Offers guidance in recognizing how to make choices that support our recovery. Explores codependent and healthy behaviours.
  7. Newcomers Handbook – A detailed description of the CoDA program.
  8. Peeling the Onion – Characteristics of codependents revisited – codependents look at love, sex, & relationship addiction and avoidance.
  9. Sponsorship: What’s in it for Me? – Addresses both sides of sponsorship. Explains why we need sponsors and identifies some of the personal benefits gained from sponsoring others.
  10. The Twelve Piece Relationship Toolkit – The purpose of this booklet is to serve as a companion to CoDA’s Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions Workbook in support of our Tradition Three, a desire for healthy and loving relationships.
  11. Tools for Recovery – Members share experience, strength & hope with different tools useful in their recovery.
  12. Traditionally Speaking: Finding Solutions – This booklet expands our understanding of CoDA’s Twelve Traditions. Members share their experience in applying the spiritual principles of CoDA meetings and service work to improve all their relationships: in CoDA, at home, at work, and everywhere.
  13. Twelve Service Concepts – The Twelve Service Concepts in depth.
  14. Twelve Steps Handbook – A detailed look at each of the Twelve Steps and how they apply to daily life.


  1. Am I Codependent? – Lists the patterns and characteristics of codependency and The Twelve Promises. New! Extended version.
  2. Attending Meetings – Explains how CoDA meetings work and how to participate.
  3. Communications and Recovery – A look at old patterns of communication & how healthier communication can be learned.
  4. Establishing Boundaries in Recovery – What are boundaries? This pamphlet explores different types of boundaries and offers guidance for establishing and maintaining them in a healthy way.
  5. Information For Professionals – An introduction to Co-Dependents Anonymous for professionals. Ideal for counsellors, doctors, or other professionals working in the recovery field.
  6. Sponsorship in CoDA – An overview of the principles of sponsorship.
  7. Using the Twelve Traditions – The Twelve Traditions explained.
  8. Welcome to Co-Dependents Anonymous – Includes the CoDA Welcome and the Twelve Steps. Perfect for the newcomer.
  9. What is CoDA? An Introduction to Co-Dependents Anonymous – Features a basic list of characteristics for self-evaluation.
  10. Your First Meeting – A pamphlet aimed at clients of professionals and new members.

Other Resources:

  • Monthly Online Fellowship Forum:  These are Forums (similar to podcasts) that take place on Zoom on the last Saturday of each month and occasional mid-month weekends.  The content consists of 1 or more speakers discussing a variety of CoDA related topics.  The Forums are recorded and can be found HERE.  To receive email reminders of upcoming Forums please sign up HERE.  Or send an email to codaff@coda.org.