January 1, 2019

Online Meetings

Alternate and Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings

  • Conference call using various programs such as Skype or Zoom
  • Meetings using the telephone
  • Meetings using email
  • Chat rooms
  • Any type of meeting that does not meet face to face
  1. All virtual meetings (to be recognized by CoDA Inc.) must read the foundational documents:  The Twelve Steps, The Twelve Traditions, The Preamble, and The Welcome.
  2. Meetings follow the Twelve Traditions and maintain safety for all attendees.
  3. Conference call etiquette will be determinded by individual group conscience.
  4. Anonymity is paramount so registered online meetings will not use video.
  5. No Crosstalk Rule applies in Virtual Meetings.

Whether a “Face to Face” meeting or a “Virtual Meeting”, Co-Dependents Anonymous meetings have no dues or fees. Meetings are self-supporting through 7th Tradition contributions. 7th Tradition donations page

Tradition Seven
Every CoDA group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. 

CoDA groups encourage responsibility in financial matters, such as paying for meeting room space, website costs, literature and refreshments. We maintain treasuries through voluntary contributions from members only. After the group meets its own needs and obligations, it is suggested that excess funds over and above a prudent reserve be distributed to the larger communities of CoDA: Local, Provincial, Regional, National or International. Co-Dependents Anonymous does not accept large contributions from any individual, nor do we accept money, space or services from non-CoDA sources. Thus, we maintain accountability and independence. From “Using the Twelve Traditions” Pamphlet.

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