Step Study Starting Saturday, February 5, 2022

Join us for an early morning Step Study!

The CoDA Precious and Free Group in London, ON will be hosting a CoDA Steps and Traditions Step Study.  No pre-registration or sign-up is required.  We will begin at Step One and work through all the Steps and Traditions.

When: Every Saturday morning
Time: 6:30 am EASTERN
Host Location:  London, Ontario
Meeting ID: 868 3145 6250
Passcode: 630
Zoom Link:
Type: Zoom meeting * NO VIDEO *
Group email:
Description: This meeting is devoted to discussing one Step or Tradition in the Steps/Traditions Workbook each week followed by a discussion on the corresponding reading in the Blue Book as time permits.
To Purchase:
1)  CoDA Blue Book  
CoDA Blue Book Soft Cover  *OR*  CoDA Blue Book Electronic Version
2)  CoDA 12 & 12 Workbook
CoDA 12 & 12 Workbook Soft Cover  *OR*  CoDA 12 & 12 Workbook Electronic Version 

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